2 thoughts on “ZAMBIA”

  1. Hi…can you please tell me how to get in touch w/ the Salesian Sisters at “City of Hope”? Father Charlie, the brother of a fellow Professor, and director of another home in Zambia, which also supports children, suggested I contact the Sisters in regard to volunteering w/ their wonderful program. I’ve worked in several African countries over the years as a Social Worker and an educator. As I prepare for semi-retirement I’m looking to connect w/ a program such as “City of Hope” where I can volunteer on a continuing basis. I’ll plan to continue teaching (University level) on a part-time basis here in the States, but also volunteer for a couple of months at a time in Zambia.

    I would really appreciate if you could pass along my contact information, so I can make the necessary connections.

    I have tried to locate contact information on the “City of Hope” website, but was unable to find do so.

    Thanks you in advance for your help,
    Lynda Ziemba

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