Our Salesian Family has a coat of arms which summarizes our mission and devotions. Here is a guide.

The Dove represents the Holy Spirit who is the source of the spiritual life that animates our Salesian mission. Mary Help of Christians, our Mother, whose direct intervention brought our congregation into existence. Lilies signify our Consecrated Chastity that enables us to give ourselves totally for the young. A Forest, through play on words, represents our founder, Don Bosco“Bosco” means forest in Italian. The Well represents the Italian town, Mornese, birthplace of our foundress, St. Mary Mazzarello. The Anchor stands for the Hope that fills our spirit with courageous daring. The Star is the symbol of the Faith that impels us to serve the Lord in joyful fidelity. The Heart represents the Love Salesians have for the young people they serve. Roses symbolize the Loving Kindness that imbues our family spirit.

The motto of the congregation: Da Mihi Animas Caetera Tolle!, means: “Give me souls…Take away the rest!” It was the battle cry of Don Bosco that he left as a legacy to us.


2 thoughts on “ID”

  1. I think it was great to have our logo explained, it makes a lot of difference and it summarises very well some aspects of our Spirituality. thanks a lot.
    God bless you

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