To follow Jesus for real is more challenging than to follow him through Facebook or twitter.

There are many ways to follow him. One of them is to become a SALESIAN SISTER

A Salesian Sister?  Why not?

It is a very exciting and fulfilling experience to follow HIM serving the YOUTH

Do you need help for your discernment?

Please CONTACT US filling the form below and we will be more than happy to reach you, listen to you and share with you our experience.


2 thoughts on “VOCATION”

  1. I like the post very much!

    I hope and pray that some young ladies will hear the call to follow Jesus and answer generously.

  2. Hei BoAusi! Young people! Our friends!
    Courage! Don’t be afraid to open the DOORS widely to HIM who loves us so much. God is calling and he is waiting for an answer. Who will say “Yes Lord! Here i am to do your will”? I did when i was your age…and i am still very very happy. Courage my friends, God Loves you.
    cecilia Motanya

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