2 thoughts on “BELHAR”

  1. “A Dream come true”

    On Saturday 15th at 10.00 a.m. we had the blessing of the Don Bosco Educare Centre. Archbishop Brslin welcomed all present – especially the parent. He informed them the Educare Centre would help to educate and form their children but themselves were the first and most important educators.
    Then he had a very fitting prayer service prepared by Fr. Louis, intermingled with hymns and songs sung by adults and children. Then the Archbishop went all around the building each hem.
    Mr. Patrick Langley thanked everyone on behalf of the Governing Body for their presence and their caring interest.
    Sr. Julienne’s message was one of gratitude to each individual who had helped to make the dream a reality.
    After the spiritual came the material.
    All present enjoyed a delicious meal of curry & Rice followed by a variety of cookies.
    It was beautiful to see people and children all over “tucking in.” One could feel a Salesian Family atmosphere. It was a most memorable day. Thank you for your prayers and interest which helped to make it a success!

    Sr. Maura Hickey and community

  2. This is summary of the teachers’ view of the event.

    Archbishop Stephen Brislin said in his speech on Saturday that the first teachers are the parents and that they should not leave all the formation of the child to the teacher. This has to commence with the parent from birth till he enters an Educare Centre and has to continue, on a daily basis.
    Teachers must act professionally towards the children, show love to the children and try to pacify where needed as some children come from very traumatic backgrounds and they do not receive attention at their homes.
    Parents must attend school meeting and they should show interest in their children now so they can grow up in a secure environment and the children will remember certain events and will be a big milestone in their lives one day. Try to be humble at all times.
    The blessing of the Educare Centre and the cutting of the ribbon was done after the Archbishop’s speech.
    Sr. Helen and Sr. Ana-Maria were unable to attend due to logistics.
    Patrick Langley, representing the Board of Management and the parents, thanked the Sisters, parents and benefactors for their endless efforts to attend meetings at night and also thanked Father Louis for his contribution. He also thanked Padraig and his family, the volunteers that came, The Streetwise Group and the other construction companies, South African workers who made it possible and the sponsors who contributed to this project.
    Sr. Julienne, Provincial of the Salesian Sisters spoke on behalf of the Salesian Order and thanked the Sisters for their concern in the project and also the teachers for their input in educating the learners. She thanked Sr. Ana-Maria and Sr. Helen for their participation in the project. She thanked Padraig for his hard work and his family that allowed him to come here to build our centre for such long periods of his time.
    The Archbishop then blessed the parents and all that attended. Everyone was invited inside for a light meal and refreshments and everything went off as planned.

    The staff of Don Bosco Educare, Delft

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