Family Encounter


On the 21st of January Sr. Marie Clarie Jean met the family of our Saòesian Sisters who belong to Thornpark community.  This initiative was launched by Sr. Marie Claire this year so as to celebrate the theme of FAMILY.  The initiative consists in meeting the Parents and relatives of the sisters during the canonical visits to the communities.

The meeting at Thornpark started at 10 am with sharing and introduction in a family atmosphere. Then there was a video presentation and comments on the Strenna 2017 which theme is ” Family, a school of life and love”.

Present at this encounter were the elder sisters of Srs. ModesterChansa, Florence Mulenga, Marie Claire Mwenya and the cousin og Sr. Margaret. The meeting endedwith a meal and the family photos which we are sharing now. The relatives went home happy and pleased to have met the sisters along with all those who came. Indeed as Don Bosco said: parents are our first benefactors. May God Bless us all.

Sr. Chanda Nsofwa.




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