The sisters from the AFM Southern Region met at the Provincial House (Boksburg) to celebrate the Regional Assembly and the Gratitude Day. The gathering took place from the 16th to the 19th of December this year.

The first day was a day of reflection on which the sisters dedicated a good part of the day to the meditate  on the letter of Pope Francis titled ” Mercy and Misery”. The day ended  with a very meaningful Penitential Service.

The following two days the sisters dedicated themselves to evaluate the regional plan and to agree on the action priorities for the next year. The second day as well the sisters presented their ministries through a very creative way which brought a sense of belonging and awe as seeing how much the sisters worked in their respective apostolic communities.

The fourth day Gratitude Day was celebrated. The sisters thanked l Sr. Marie Clarie Jean for her presence in the Province and for her dedication to each sister as sister and Provincial.

Sr. Margaret Sweeney was thanked specially as she is leaving the Province after many years in the mission. We thanked her for her faithful service in Lesotho and as Provincial and above all the love for the Kingdom of God manifested in the service of the poor and disadvantage children and young people. The sisters thanked as well to Sr. Helen Fitzgibbon as she served the Province as Provincial Burser and now she will be the Provincial Secretary from 2017. Sr. Celeste Yolola has finished her service as Provincial Secretary, so the sisters said thanks to her for her unconditional service and generosity to the sthem.

Here some photos which tell the story……




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