Make the young people our mission- Strenna 2012

Make the young people our mission

Make the young people our mission

In keeping with tradition, on the afternoon of Saturday, December 31, the Rector Major of the Salesians, Fr. Pascual Chávez, presented the theme of the 2012 Strenna . Knowing and imitating Don Bosco, in order to make young people our life’s mission, is the theme chosen to accompany the preparation for the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco in 2015.

The text of the Strenna concentrates on knowing the story of Don Bosco, inviting all to re-discover it and to live it, using a hermeneutic form of reading to reach an image of Don Bosco today.

Mother General, who was present together with the General Council, welcomed the Rector Major, accompanied by his vicar, Fr. Adriano Bregolin. She addressed words of welcome and gratitude to him and to all those present: Sisters of the communities which depend directly on Mother General, Sisters from the Roman province with the provincial, Sr. Mara Tagliaferri, the SDB provincial of the Central Italian Region, Fr. Alberto Lorenzelli, with his council and other SDB from Rome.

Fr. Pascual, after a brief opening greeting, let the DVD, which had been prepared by ANS (The Salesian News Agency) and produced by Missioni don Bosco speak for itself. Besides the video comment on the Strenna , the DVD also contains some extra items on With Don Bosco in his own land and among his own people .

The Strenna is an invitation to know the story of Don Bosco in depth in order to rebuild his image today and perpetuate the mission entrusted to him: the education and evangelisation of young people.

Knowledge of his life, using the methods of historical research, must never forget the great dedication of Don Bosco to young people and the presence and action of God in his life.

The presentation of the comment on the Strenna concluded with a reflective anecdote:Our music continues introduced by the narrative of the dream of nine years.

Mother Yvonne, in her circular that accompanies the Strenna (N° 924) emphasises: «The Rector Major helps us to rediscover the figure of our common Founder, highlighting his historic, educational and spiritual relevance, recognised not alone by our great family, but also in the Church and society throughout the whole world. Through the Strenna we are offered a wealth of guidelines that will help us to live the first of the three years in preparation for the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco fully and effectively».

A joyful hymn to Don Bosco was sung at the end of the presentation, in a festive atmosphere.


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