Family Encounter


On the 21st of January Sr. Marie Clarie Jean met the family of our Saòesian Sisters who belong to Thornpark community.  This initiative was launched by Sr. Marie Claire this year so as to celebrate the theme of FAMILY.  The initiative consists in meeting the Parents and relatives of the sisters during the canonical visits to the communities.

The meeting at Thornpark started at 10 am with sharing and introduction in a family atmosphere. Then there was a video presentation and comments on the Strenna 2017 which theme is ” Family, a school of life and love”.

Present at this encounter were the elder sisters of Srs. ModesterChansa, Florence Mulenga, Marie Claire Mwenya and the cousin og Sr. Margaret. The meeting endedwith a meal and the family photos which we are sharing now. The relatives went home happy and pleased to have met the sisters along with all those who came. Indeed as Don Bosco said: parents are our first benefactors. May God Bless us all.

Sr. Chanda Nsofwa.






The Sisters in Zambia participated in the regional assembly from the 28th and 29th of December. Previous to the Assembly the sisters spent one day in reflection and sharing.

On the 30th of December they said thanks to the Provincial and to each one for all the goodness and graces  received during the year which is about to finish.

Here somo photos which tell the story….



The sisters from the AFM Southern Region met at the Provincial House (Boksburg) to celebrate the Regional Assembly and the Gratitude Day. The gathering took place from the 16th to the 19th of December this year.

The first day was a day of reflection on which the sisters dedicated a good part of the day to the meditate  on the letter of Pope Francis titled ” Mercy and Misery”. The day ended  with a very meaningful Penitential Service.

The following two days the sisters dedicated themselves to evaluate the regional plan and to agree on the action priorities for the next year. The second day as well the sisters presented their ministries through a very creative way which brought a sense of belonging and awe as seeing how much the sisters worked in their respective apostolic communities.

The fourth day Gratitude Day was celebrated. The sisters thanked l Sr. Marie Clarie Jean for her presence in the Province and for her dedication to each sister as sister and Provincial.

Sr. Margaret Sweeney was thanked specially as she is leaving the Province after many years in the mission. We thanked her for her faithful service in Lesotho and as Provincial and above all the love for the Kingdom of God manifested in the service of the poor and disadvantage children and young people. The sisters thanked as well to Sr. Helen Fitzgibbon as she served the Province as Provincial Burser and now she will be the Provincial Secretary from 2017. Sr. Celeste Yolola has finished her service as Provincial Secretary, so the sisters said thanks to her for her unconditional service and generosity to the sthem.

Here some photos which tell the story……




Sunday 6th 2016, six of our Zambian Sisters join in the celebration with Mother General in Sakania – DRC where the First Daughters of Mary Help of Christians arrived for the first time 90 years ego.
Lot of people came to thank God for the presence of the FMA in this land which has transformed the life of many young people and families.
Mother General came on this occasion to enter into the mystery of this celebration and was happy that 15 FMA from Congo are now missionaries in diverse parts of the Institute,
The Eucharistic celebration was presided by a SDB Bishop, Mgr.  Gaston Ruvezi.
The provincial of AFC was grateful to see our sisters coming to celebrate with them. with emotion she said “You have honored us”. In addition Mother General was happy to see how we are united.img_0158 img_0159



As our Grade 9s’Pupils have reached the end of their Government examinations they all had to pass their Computer test.
In fact from last year education to the new technologies has been one of the main challenges in Zambia. This year the experience went so well that we can see the improvement in  the way that the Education Minister has provided more computers for the schools, teachers have taken more commitment in teaching and initiating pupils to the use of computer and the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Limited {ZESCO)  has truly cooperated in the supply of electricity.
At Laura Girls Secondary  School yesterday our pupils managed to pass the test in a very comfortable Computer Lab which was built and set, thank to the providence we received from our benefactors.

Salesian Co-operators

On Saturday 15  October the group of Salesian Co-operators from Hannover Park  and Lansdowne Parishes, visit the “old existence group” of the Salesian Co-operators in Paarl.

The meeting took place at the house of Mrs Irene Du Preez, it was filled with good memories, specially many Salesian Sisters’ names were mentioned as a part of these good memories. 

Even if for majority of them was the first time to meet, the Salesian family spirit united all of us in the same joyful friendship  of being part of the Salesian Family, sharing the same spirituality.

It was a moment of informal formation, which  strengthened  our identity as Salesians

It spite of our busy lives,  we expressed our desire and commitment  of having more of this encounters.

May Don Bosco bless all our efforts to strengthen the Salesian Family in this part of Africa.

Ana Maria FMA




That is what our boarders did on 24th September, they went to Chishimba falls for an outing and had moment of relaxation and celebration. It is a tradition now that during their outing they will bid farewell to the Grade Nines and Twelves. The 2 volunteers joined them and so our young in formation.

Sr. Precious had helped them to prepare their food, games and sketches. The day was rich in amusement and expression of friendship. They had time to enjoy the shallow swimming in one of the spot and after their lunch they danced and participated in some  some games.